AMP s.r.o. (Art Media Prague) is a postproduction company founded in 1994. The company operates under a trademark Studio Virtual®.
Our studio is situated in the former premises of the Barrandov Dubbing Studio Sport in the centre of Prague 5, on the Náměstí 14. října square.

By complete reconstruction and installation of the most modern foreign equipment we created a new postproduction studio with pleasant interior and hi-tech facilities that easily meet the demands of our Czech and foreign clients.

Our Studio provides complete sound recording and editing services for film, TV and radio.Okno
The greatest asset of our Studio is the professionalism of our sound engineers who, apart from vast theoretical knowledge acquired on universities, have extensive experience from working in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

Studio Virtual® provides complete sound editing services for full-length features.
From on-site recording, through dialog editing, ADR, foleys, special sound effects from our database, sound-designing to final mix. In 1998 our Studio obtained a license for final mixing into Dolby SR format and soon after also into DOLBY DIGITAL Surround EX.
Studio Virtual® is fully-digital film postproduction and sound studio.

We use digital mastering processor DMU from Dolby Laboratories. More than 120 films have been finalized in our Studio in the Dolby sound system. We have provided sound services for renowned Czech directors such as Petr Zelenka, Věra Plívová-Šimková, Juraj Jakubisko, F.A.Brabec, Jiří Menzel, Bohdan Sláma, Alice Nellis, Jan Hřebejk, Marie Poledňáková, Dušan Klein, Jiří Strach, Ondřej Trojan, Pavel Koutecký, Zdeněk Troška, Jiří Chlumský, Miloš Šmídmajer, Ivan Vojnár, Karel Janák, Robert Sedláček, Slavomír Luther, Adolf Zika, Jana Ševčíková, Arvo Iho, Vladimír Morávek
and many others.

Our sound database contains more than 30 000 sound effects and atmospheres from world famous film and TV studios such as Warner Brothers, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm, Chevallier or BBC. Our music library contains several thousands records of all genres.

Our Studio is a member of the international data network SmartJog.

For several years now our Studio also supports new Czech films a co-producer.