Who’s next?

Who’s next?


Kto je ďalší?

Miro Drobný

Pavel Dvořák

This film was inspired by three real-life stories from Slovakia, Russia and Canada. The internet altered the fates of the three main protagonists and brought them to the brink between life and death. It could happen to anyone! Who’s next?

(1) The rapper Aless ends her string of concerts with a performance in her home town. Her teachers and classmates are in the audience – those who drove her to a suicide attempt several years ago. After this tragedy, she started writing lyrics and singing. She decided to return one day and tell them everything face to face. The television crew turns on the cameras and captures her last fight with bullying.

(2) Oleg and Vadim are the world’s best-known roof-toppers. With cameras on their heads and without any safety harness whatsoever, they illegally conquer one skyscraper after another. Only the beautiful Angela upstages them. They decide to take her to climb with them up a building in a nuclear power plant. They take risks so as to gain the best shot with the greatest number of likes but also to gain her heart.

(3) A girl driven into a hopeless situation decides to talk. Not quite so. She starts to tell her story of sexual blackmail without saying a single word. Will it be enough to rescue her?