Complete sound services for film, TV and radio

Studio Virtual® provides complete sound services from on-site recording, through dialog editing, ADR, foleys, special sound effects from our database, sound-designing to final mix into DOLBY DIGITAL Surround EX

Complete dubbing services from translation, adaptation, casting and recording to the final mix.

Complete sound services for filming, from recording on location to the final theatrical mix.

Complete sound services for advertising projects, radio spots, TV commercials etc.

Rental of our professional sound equipment for filming at exterior locations.

STUDIO VIRTUAL® has six post-production facilities working on Pro Tools HD platform:


Theatrical Mixing Hall

Licensed for Dolby Digital EX format, equipped with AMS NEVE DFC Gemini mixing console and JBL monitoring


4 Recording/Mixing Studios

Two of them are equipped with Control 24 console and 5.1 monitoring Genelec or JBL.
One of them is equipped for production in Dolby Atmos HE format.


2 Editing Rooms

with Genelec and JBL monitors


We use Schoeps CMIT, Neumann TLM 103D, DPA 4017 and 4060 microphones together with NEVE, SSL or Neumann mic pre-amps in our studios.

Sound services on locations are secured by Aaton Cantar recorders, Lectrosonic radio-microphones, Schoeps CMIT, DPA 4017, Sanken COS-10D, DPA 4060, 4071 microphones and other equipment.

Studio Virtual is currently providing dubbing services for several major American film production companies. This, of course, involves strict security measures, audited regularly by security experts of the clients’ companies.